Guidance Notes



Friday 1st/Saturday 2nd December 2016 10pm – 8am inc. breakfast

In the grounds of Trinity Methodist Church, Clay Hill Rd/Bardfield, Basildon SS16 4NN


Who can take part?

Anyone over 18. If you are still at secondary school/college, you can take part provided you are accompanied by one responsible adult for each Under 18s and have parental consent. Please bring along the completed form overleaf which your parent/guardian should sign.

However you must not participate against medical advice or if you are not in good health.

|What to do before Friday 1st December

Decide if you are going to sleep out or to sponsor the bravest amongst us, or both! Recruit others to join in …..Download a sponsorship form or collect one from your Minister, and find relatives, friends, work colleagues, church members to sponsor you. Photocopy any more forms needed. Ask people to sponsor you per hour (10 hours inc. breakfast) or one lump sum for the whole night. Some might be prepared to give you money up front, which saves time collecting later on!  Please encourage all tax payers to sign the Gift Aid column and provide full address inc. postcode in order to include them in the claim.  Donations can be made in cash or by cheque payable to “Churches Together in Basildon (Project 58:7).”  (Charity No. 267593).

For some in Basildon, a sleeping bag is home. Money given in sponsorship provides Basildon Rough Sleepers and those in need with hot meals 3 times a week throughout the year, sleeping bags,

warm clothes etc. – a large number of our regular customers will be taking part in the sleep-out for the night. The 2012 Sleep-Out raised £5,908.85 + Gift Aid still to be claimed on many of the donations. The Mayor of Basildon, Cllr Mo Larkin, made a large donation to Project 58:7 as one of her charities in 2011/12.

Getting there

We are most grateful to Trinity Methodist Church for their kind hospitality in making their facilities available for the 4th year running. We have access to the small hall for registration from 10pm- please do not arrive any earlier than 10pm as there is a booking taking place. The Church is near Timberlog Lane on the corner of Clay Hill Rd/Bardfield; there is parking in front of the Church.  There will be lifts from the Bell Tower, St Martin’s Square from 10pm.

Those planning to sleep-out all night, please leave a message in advance for Derek Turner on

01268 544627 email or Phyl Mclaren on 07970 096319 email Revd Esther on 01268 522455 email  so we know to expect you on the night and have a better idea of catering numbers.

What to bring

…….Bring your completed REGISTRATION FORM to hand in when you arrive on Friday night, and your SPONSORSHIP FORM(s) so that your attendance can be authorised on the form to show to your sponsors. It would be helpful if you could add up your sponsorship total, so we have an approximate idea of the total promised by the end of the Sleep-out night. You are welcome to continue to collect sponsorship after the Sleep-Out too of course!

It is vital that you come well prepared for the elements by bringing a survival bag or plastic sheeting that goes both under and over you, together with a sleeping bag, duvet or blankets. Ask around to borrow rater than buy new.

You may find a large bit of cardboard handy to bring with you

(we will also have a supply).  Wear warm outdoor clothing, hats, gloves; bring waterproofs in case.

Please do not bring tents, lilos, mattresses footballs, valuables, radio/DC/MP3 players, drugs or alcohol ………….

Registration and what happens on the night

Please register in the small hall between 10pm and 11pm. Hot drinks, food and good company will be on hand.  Those being sponsored will sleep outside in the enclosed church garden, reached through the back door to the small hall.    We shall need to watch noise levels outside because of the close proximity of neighbours.   You are welcome to sleep on the floor indoors if you would prefer to do so (no heat or cosiness!), or to come inside to sleep at any time during the night.

There will be two people on patrol at all times to provide security. The toilets in the small hall will be open all night. Someone trained in First Aid will also be available throughout.

What happens in the morning

From 7.15-8am a cooked breakfast will be available in the small hall, and you will receive a Certificate of Achievement for being part of the Sleep-Out/Sleep In.  Please remove all cardboard and kit that you brought with you, and help to leave the garden, church hall and car park tidy.

After Saturday  

Please collect your sponsorship money in asap. If you have people who have signed the GIFT AID column on your sponsorship form, we shall need your complete form returned when you have finished your collection, with full address & postcode of EACH Gift Aid donor, in order to be able to process the claim.  When you are ready, send a cheque  payable to “Churches Together in Basildon (Project 58:7)” to Revd Esther McCafferty, The Rectory, St Martin’s Square, Basildon SS14 1DX.

Alternatively put cash in an envelope clearly labeled “Project 59:7” and put through the letter box at the Rectory at the above address. We would appreciate prompt payment.

If you have any questions at all, please contact your minister or Derek Turner on 01268 54462

email or Phyl Mclean on 07970 096319 email or Revd Esther on 01268 522455 email

Thank you very much indeed for taking part in this sponsored sleep-out. We know that our rough sleepers and the needy really do appreciate all our efforts:  “Thank you for all that you do for us.

It’s only the churches who do this and care for us”.

Revd Esther McCafferty, Phyl McLaren and Derek Turner

On behalf of the organizing group

**See Registration Form & Under 18s PARENTAL CONSENT FORM, SPONSORSHIP FORM & GIFT AID DECLARATION, and SLEEP-OUT POSTER** which can be photocopied or downloaded from