St Martins of Tours

Lady Chapel





On the right hand side of the chapel is a statue of  Our Lady to whom the chapel is dedicated





  Lady Chapel

When you enter the chapel the first thing you will notice is the magnificent stained glass window one of many in the church designed by Joseph Nuttgens. It depicts in symbols the Blessed Virgin Mary in heaven, and so within the window you will see the signs of the universe, clouds, sky, stars, the sun and the moon. 

On the left hand side is a covered 'Safe' known as the Aumbry in this is reserved the Sacrament of the Holy Communion which is avaiable for the sick at any time. Because the real presence of Our Lord is enshrined in this Sacrament this is a very holy place within              St Martin's church.

On the wall behind the altar you will see a red light burning, a niche in the wall with flowers and a brick picked out in a deeper shade of red.     

At this place within the wall is laid to rest a small urn of ashes from the crematorium at Auschwitz.

The congregation of St Martins was asked to receive these after it had promoted and housed an Auschwitz Exhibition in January 1984.

It is a place of special prayer for reconcilliation and understanding between peoples of different faiths and cultures, as well as being a silent reminder of the consequences of intolerance and prejudice.




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