St Martins of Tours

Stained Glass Windows

               North West Window                                                            South West Window


            North Centre Window                                                         South Centre Window


               North East Window                                                                South East Window 


The North side windows from West to East tell the story of St Martin begining with the Cathedral of Tours then the River Loire and  finally the Caves of Marmoutier and a Cross referring to St Martin's suffering.


The South side windows  East to West depict the Cross and Resurrection, colours and various designs to be found in the town centre and the flood barriers from the nearby river Thames.

Finally a triangle an ancient representation of the Holy Trinity, the circle and rays depict an outburst of energy from God, which is love.  His presence, open to all, flows as a river down through the Thames Barrier into the hustle and bustle of this modern town

The Windows were designed by Joseph Nuttgens




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