St Martins of Tours

Details of Bells

                                                                 Details Of Bells
                    Diameter           Weight                       Cast by                          Date             
   Tenor            40"             11-12-24                 Joanna Hille                        1441
      7th             36"                7-3-16              Henry Pleasant                       1701
      6th             33"               6-1-18               Thomas Mears                        1803
      6th                                              Recast Whitechapel Foundry               1983  
      5th             31"               5-1-14          Richard Hille between        1423 - 1440
      4th             30"                5-1-4                     Thomas Mears                   1803  
      3rd             29"              5-0-20                   Thomas Mears                     1803
      2nd            27"              4-2-19         Whitechapel Bell Foundry               1997
   Treble           26"               4-0-25         Whitechapel Bell Foundry               1997


The Tenor and 7th to 3rd bells came to St Martin's as a gift

from the redundant church of St Nicholas, Colchester

The 2nd bell was presented by Electronic Office Equipment p.l.c.  

to commemerate the founding of the company by John and Joan Rolison

The Treble bell was presented by Ronald Brown in Memory of his wife Peggy

A further bell 27½" Diameter housed in the Foyer of the church came from St Mary's Dunton,

it was cast from two bells in 1712


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